UNA-Connecticut Board Members



Joseph J. Baxer is currently Executive Director of the Intercultural Institute of
Connecticut, President of the United Nations Association of Connecticut and US
representative to the United Nations for the London-based NGO, Strategies for
Peace. He is engaged in sustaining cultural diversity and mediating crosscultural
conflicts. His focus involves creating the atmosphere/conditions in which
reconciliation can occur. He has led seminars and lectured locally and
internationally on conflict resolution and cross cultural dialogue, including
participation in international peace missions to Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia,
Kenya and Nicaragua. He has traveled extensively in Europe, both East and
West, South America and the Philippines and given priority travel time to Iran,
Syria and Israel. Ordained a priest in 1971, he is affiliated with the American
Catholic Church. He has been a high school principal in Connecticut, taught at
Emory University, St Joseph College and the Hartford Seminary. He has
ministered in multicultural churches, directed a large inner city homeless shelter/
rehabilitation center, and in Rome, Italy collaborated in the leadership of an
international Church Order. He holds Masters’ degrees in Philosophy and
Sociology and has Doctorates in Theology and Psychology. He has studied at
the Gregorian University, University of Detroit, Catholic University of American,
Oxford and Harvard.

His most recent book, published in English and French, is An Intercultural Life,
exploring the crossroads of religion and culture. He lives with his wife Barbara in
Kent, Connecticut.